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Mayfield School – Charity Champions Funding

We’re raising money to make our school play yard more accessible for our wheelchair users. We’re hoping to make it a fun and sensory environment for all our pupils to enjoy.

We’re looking to purchase a sensory tunnel with different interments inside and feely walls with different colours shining through the tunnel. We’re also looking to purchase different textured walls to put around the yard along with sand and water trays.

Our most expensive purchase is going to be a wheelchair-accessible swing along with an accessible bucket swing. This is something that our pupils would love and have asked for in our senior yard. The total cost of the work is estimated to be very expensive amounting to a whopping £45k.

We’re looking to initially raise £15k to be able to purchase the swing set.

Everything raised in our area stays right here, with a focus on alleviating poverty, supporting disability and improving quality of life. Anything you can give is very much appreciated. After you sponsor us, it would be great if you could leave a photo or video message too!

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