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Vision, Ethos and Aims

We pride ourselves on nurturing our pupils and providing a one-size-fits-one approach to learning that enables our young people to reach their full potential. We provide a safe, happy and regulated learning community, where together we empower pupils to develop key skills for life.

As the Headteacher at Mayfield, I feel incredibly proud of what we achieved together. What makes us unique is the expert way in which we create a needs-led provision matched to each pupil’s key learning needs. Our talented staff team really know each individual and delivers a highly ambitious curriculum which is shaped around the needs of our learners, allowing all pupils to thrive. Staff plan in meticulous detail at each step for pupils, building on their strengths and celebrating every bit of progress made. Our student’s progress is measured in how well they are prepared for each next step in their learning journey.

We allow our children to lead the learning at each key step of their journey, and our common principle throughout is to think about how we can help them achieve the maximum independence and meaningful skills for life beyond the classroom, across each stage of their learning journey and into adulthood.

Staff are skilled in the use of sign, visual, verbal and technical communication. They have patience and give pupils the time to respond to questions. Staff encourage all pupils to make choices, express their emotions and have opinions


Our team approach extends to our families and other agencies, working collaboratively to support our pupils to reach their potential. In its truest sense, we work using a team around the child and family approach.

We enhance our support through an in-house multi-agency referral system which both staff and parents can use when issues arise concerning any aspects of a student’s learning. This may range from support to transition to a new classroom to introducing a sensory timetable to support regulation.

The key to our success lies in the fantastic knowledge, passion and commitment of the experienced staff team. Nothing happens in isolation and everyone’s contribution is valued. Our knowledge of each pupil’s needs and focus on developing learning shines through all we do.