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Supporting Transition

Preparation for Adulthood is a long-term plan that attempts to support children and young people as they develop into adults by giving them the best start for their adult lives.

In order to establish a clear progression route, we intend to expand the principles of preparation to lower ages of education throughout the next years.

Our Approach

We start making preparations for this significant milestone during the Year 9 EHCP Annual Review when the student is 14 years old. Beginning in year 9, there should always be an emphasis on the student’s future plans and the help they will require to fulfil them. The first choice to be made is whether your child can receive the care they need at Mayfield until they are 19 years old or whether they move on to further education elsewhere.

When a child leaves school and must start making preparations for the future, all young people and their families go through significant upheavals. According to national recommendations, young people desire to “get a life” and integrate into their society. Similar circumstances apply to young persons with SEND. For young people with SEND, preparation for adulthood is very important to ensure a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood.

Some of our students remain in our College section until they are 19 years old, and during this transitional period, both students and their families are supported and urged to investigate all of the choices accessible to them after leaving Mayfield. Our Transition Manager works closely with experts and accompanies both students and families to the various post-16 and post-19 providers.

We collaborate as a school with colleges, providers, and the Transition Team from Social Services, among other outside organisations.

We take pleasure in our dedication to ensuring that every student realises their maximum potential in order for them to accomplish their future objectives.

Our College

A crucial component of Mayfield’s Preparation for Adulthood programme is the college curriculum. Whatever the student’s learning needs, our college curriculum offers a customised, destination-led approach that meets those needs. The curriculum aims to facilitate the development of skills that the students will need as they approach adulthood.

To provide the necessary breadth and depth that leads to the development of functional skills, the college curriculum is made up of 5 main programmes of study which are supported by the 4 areas of Preparation for Adulthood:

  • Functional Math and English
  • Work Related Learning
  • Independent Living
  • Leisure

A key element of all these programmes of study, and the areas of learning that fit into them, is to  develop the skills and confidence of the learners through, amongst other things, a gradually reducing level of support which ultimately leads to increased levels of independence.  To track and document a student’s progress through college, a tracker document is used. The comprehensive programme is adaptable enough to meet the needs of the current class of students as well as those who will be enrolling.