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Staff photo of Angela.

Our SENCO is Angela Coates, a qualified teacher with more than 23 years of experience in teaching from Early Years to Key Stage 5 in both mainstream and specialist settings. In 2017, she successfully achieved the National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination.

Mayfield is a special school for students between the ages of 4 and 19, from Chorley and the surrounding areas. Our facilities cater to students with severe, profound, and multiple learning difficulties, as well as those with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and speech, language, and communication needs. Additionally, some of our students have multi-sensory impairments, significant medical needs, and physical difficulties.

Our students all have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) that outlines their needs and the support required to meet those needs. In some cases, students may be enrolled in an assessment place prior to the completion of their EHCP at the request of the local authority.

Student targets are set based on teacher assessments using the ‘Cherry Gardens’ and ‘Mayfield Mapping’ frameworks. These targets are directly linked to EHCP outcomes and the curriculum content, which are regularly reviewed, including during the Statutory Annual Review.

Our school follows a ‘team around the child and family approach’, with support from our Pastoral Team and in-house specialists who convene in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings to discuss student needs and ensure optimal outcomes. External support services are utilised when additional help is required to meet student support needs.