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Mayfield is a special school for students with generic learning difficulties. We have provisions to meet the needs of children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties. In addition, children with Autistic Spectrum Condition and speech, language and communication needs. Some students also have multi-sensory impairments, significant medical demands, and physical challenges.

Every student who enrols at Mayfield has an Education, Health, and Care Plan. (EHCP). As a result, student needs are determined before enrollment. Before their Education Health and Care plan is finalised, some students will join us for a set amount of time as part of an assessment placement.

If a student develops additional needs, we follow the right steps to identify them and provide for them. Children are also continuously observed, and their development is documented.

Throughout the academic year, challenging goals are set for students and they are evaluated in relation to their own prior learning. To track progress, formal meetings are held throughout the year.

The school uses a “team around the child and family approach” and collaborates closely with therapists, educational psychologists, and outside organisations to recognise and address each child’s individual needs. We are allowed to request an individual reassessment of need upon the request of the school or the parents.
Additionally, we have a multidisciplinary team of inside experts working to identify and address solutions for particular students.