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At Mayfield, all students get the opportunity to experience our wonderful Swimming Pool. This can be either as part of a structured swimming lesson or a hydrotherapy session, depending on the needs of the student. 

Key Objectives

  • Confidence in water
  • Safety around the dangers of water
  • Learning to swim
  • Hydrotherapy to aid muscle strength and relaxation
  • Dressing skills
  • Enjoyment in the water
  • MOVE and individual Physio programme

Our Approach

Some students benefit more from Hydrotherapy based sessions where we will work through their individual physio and MOVE programmes in the water. We also have a hydrotherapy programme of our own where we encourage freedom of movement in the water, stretching and relaxation. 

We are very fortunate we can create a calming environment with our pool equipment including colour-changing lights, music, water fountains, jets and in-floor bubbles. All of this makes for a wonderful Multi-sensory experience. 

Our pool is heated to 34 degrees which also aids in the relaxation of the muscles and ensures our less mobile students are comfortable. We have full hoisting and changing facilities to ensure everyone can access the water safely.

During all swimming sessions, we re-enforce communication methods used throughout the school including speech, signs and symbols. We also cross with many core subjects in school such as Science and Numeracy during our sessions. Before and after sessions, we encourage students to be as independent as possible changing, dressing and showering to work on key life skills. This can often work on many individual targets and incorporate our MOVE programme.

Mayfield Pool is a happy place where we hope students feel confident, enjoy spending time and gain key life skills which will hopefully make swimming outside of school a positive experience for our young people, their parents and carers.