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Go Kids Go!

On Friday we were invited to Newfield School to join in with a wheelchair workshop, “Go Kids Go!” Go Kids Go is a charity that works with children with disabilities to teach key skills when using their wheelchairs. They coach children on how to make their chairs more user-friendly by teaching key skills such as back wheel balancing and tackling roads and kerbs. Once the children have mastered these skills it can make activities such as wheelchair sports more accessible! 

Our pupils loved this workshop and we cannot wait to book another! In one session both the pupils (and the staff) learnt so many amazing skills! We did not realise the skill involved in back wheel balancing until the staff tried it! Thank you Newfield School for inviting us to this event! 

If any parents or carers would like more information on Go Kids Go – They provide FREE workshops for children and families visit their website – Wheelchair Skills | Wheelchair Skills Training (