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Year 7 Catch Up Funding



The Year 7 Catch-up Premium funding is intended to enable schools to provide targeted support to improve attainment in Reading and Mathematics. For our pupils this is translated as pre-reading / communication skills and early cognition skills.

The progress made in English and Mathematics by all pupils who have been targeted with additional support funded through the Year 7 Catch-up Premium will be monitored through our termly tracking using IEP’s, Tapestry and individual assessments through Cherry Levels and Bug Club Reading. Personalised interventions will be put in place for any child who is not on target each term through our Multi-Disciplinary Approach and referral systems. At the end of Year 7 it is anticipated that all pupils will be on target, or exceeding their target, to make expected progress by the end of KS3 relative to their individual starting point.


Item and Costing



Lowercase Keyboards


£10.99 x 5



Our pupils, who are pre-key stage standard and below, can also present with fine motor difficulties that require typing skills rather than writing to produce written communication. Their understanding is of lower case letters and matching these to phonic stage sounds. Lowercase keyboards are required for them to effectively communicate and produce work.

Raised attainment in Literacy, Reading and Communication for those pupils with fine motor difficulties.

Measured through IEP’s, ASDAN and Communication Matrix.

C-Pens – Read out-loud digital devices.


£249.95 x 4




We have identified a need for resources for those pupils struggling with reading. The read out loud  devices are intended to build confidence and scaffold learning when used alongside our phonics programme.

Increased support for pupils at all levels of reading, including emerging readers and those with confidence issues.

Hope to evidence an increased number of pupils on the reading scheme and those moving up a level and more pupils able to access community facilities with increased confidence, Eg. Café menus.

Multi-Coloured Mouse for computer and laptop use.


£3.29 x 10


In school we use a multi-modal approach to teaching and learning. The coloured mouse helps to build another layer of visual support, teaching right and left clicks and improve ICT.

More pupils able to access ICT and Maths and Literacy via PC.


Bluetooth Keyboards for i-pads


£14.99 x 15




Some of our pupils access communication programs via ipads and produce work on ipads. Keyboards are required for some pupils to access communication technologies. 

Increased numbers of pupils accessing communication tools via the ipads and raised attainment in Literacy. Measurable via IEP’s and Comm Matrix.

Dragon Dictate


£52.95 x 3



We have identified that our pupils who are cognitively able but struggle with Dyslexia type learning difficulties need a way of functionally using computers and technology. Dragon dictate provides a written voice for those pupils with this specific identified need.


Raised attainment in communication and less pupils in the targeted and specialised tiers of our Communication system. Needs met in class.

Evidenced by our referral system reports.

Numicon Resources


£40 x 10



1st Step Numicon Numeracy


£132.50 x 3


We have identified a need for resources that are standardized in Numeracy across the school. Our Year 7 pupils are in different classes dependent on level of need. Numicon across these classes will help to ensure consistency in teaching and provide a good base for developing cognition skills.

Increase in pupil progress across Cognition measured by IEP. A standardized teaching method used across classes to ensure understanding when transitioning between classes.

Amazon Alexa


£40 x 10




Our pupils move on to ASDAN programme in Year 7, KS3. This includes building functional and life skills. Our pupils use Alexa in the home environment for time telling, weather and communication.

Placing Alexa across the school will allow our pupils to communicate with other classes, build functional communication skills and improve cognition and learning. Measurable via our ASDAN programme and assessment and cognition and independence IEP’s.






We have identified that our pupils with limited vocal range who are cognitively able need a functional vocal output. Dragon dictate provides a voice for those pupils with this specific identified need.


Raised attainment in Communication and less pupils in the Targeted and Specialised tiers of our Communication system. Needs met in class.

Evidenced by our referral system reports.

































TOTAL Expenditure: £2,968.85


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