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Mayfield School has adopted Talk Tools™(Oral Placement Therapy) as part of its repertoire of support for students. Talk Tools™ is a ground breaking approach from the United States and Mayfield is one of a limited number of schools in this country to offer Oral Placement Therapy as standard.

Talk Tools™ Therapy regulates sensitivity, and builds strength and stability in a child’s jaw, tongue and lips, through a series of fun exercises. Addressing difficulties with hypersensitivity to touch, behavioural feeding issues, and motor programing difficulties in our students, alongside traditional speech and language therapy techniques Talk Tools™ can also lead to increased speech clarity.

Since introducing Talk Tools™ to Mayfield  feedback from class staff and students report truly amazing impact on some of those who have undertaken the program.  Examples of progress range from tolerance of food tastes and textures by a child who was exclusively tube fed, through to noticeable greater clarity of speech generalised into everyday conversation in older children previously discharged by speech and language therapists. Other incidental gains have been in made in areas such as

  • Behaviour
  • Attention
  • Breath control and breath support in the pool (generalised skills)
  • Vocabulary development
  • Interest  registered by the Occupational Therapist has led to joint working & a child being re referred for remedial support for trunk support & posture

Our students love Talk Tools and many of them are aware of the therapeutic nature of the procedures and actively participate in setting own their goals.

Mayfield has risen to the challenge of our own success by Appointing Terri Chester our own Communication Consultant to :

  • Assess and draw up student  programs
  • Undertake a rolling program of staff training
  • Present Talk Tools™ principles to parents.

We at Mayfield anticipate continued successes around Oral Placement Therapy for our students as student’s progress through the program and look forward to associated gains in other areas of their learning journey.

For more information on Talk Tools™ or any other of Mayfield’s cutting edge approaches to learning contact school on 01257 263063 and ask to speak to Terri Chester

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