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Religious Study , Assemblies and Collective Worship

At Mayfield all classes take part in a daily act of collective workship and mindfulness. This includes some reflection time and sharing of our school prayer which was written by the students. 

In addition we hold a weekly assembly to celebrate our achievements and focus on a Theme each half term. In addition we hold special assemblies across the year to celebrate a range of festivals and key events linked to our whole school calendar. Students take an active part in these assemblies and look forwards to sharing their achievements with others.

We follow the following themese across the year based on the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning programme ( SEAL) - for more information see http://www.lancsngfl.ac.uk/curriculum/pshe/index.php?category_id=184 


 SEAL Theme

 Value Addressed

 Autumn 1

New beginnings


 Autumn 2

Getting on and falling out


 Spring 1

Going for goals


 Spring 2

Good to be me


 Summer 1




Summer 2



At Mayfield all students are entitled to be taught Religious Education unless parents seek for them to opt out. It is delivered as part of our thematic topic based curriculum and based on the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus adapted for our students. We cover all the major forms of religions as well as celebrating a timetable of religious festivals across the year via themed weeks or special event days.

Here is an overview of our coverage across 2021-2022

RE Coverage

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