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Preparation for Adulthood

Preparation for Adulthood:

EmploymentIndependent Living

FriendsGood Health

A Pathway through Upper School and into College and Beyond.

Preparation for Adulthood is a long term strategy that aims to support children and young people as they grow into adults providing them with the best start for their adult lives.

Over the next couple of years we are looking to extend the principles of preparation for adulthood to lower down the school to create a clear progression route.

All young people and their families face big changes when a young person leaves school and needs to make plans for their future. National guidance suggests that what young people want most is to 'get a life' and be part of their local community. This is the same for young people with SEND. Preparing for adulthood through good transition planning is particularly critical for young people with SEND so that they move smoothly from childhood into adulthood. 


Preparation for Adulthood at Mayfield:

Key Stage 3 (Year 9)

Pathways to Independence Transition tracker

Transition Booklet started

Transition review meeting 


Key Stage 4 (Years 10 &11)

Transition Booklet continued (Completed by Summer Year 11)

Pathways to Independence Tracker continued

Towards Independence ASDAN Programme


Key Stage 5 (Years 12 -14)

Pathways to Independence Tracker continued – completed by summer Year 14,

ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges Programme linked to destination


College Curriculum

The college curriculum is a key element of the Preparation for Adulthood pathway at Mayfield.  Our college curriculum is a tailored, destination led approach that caters for the needs of all students, whatever their learning need. The curriculum aims to facilitate the development of skills that the students will need as they approach adulthood.

The college curriculum is made up of 5 main programmes of study underpinned by the 4 areas of Preparation for Adulthood,to provide the necessary breadth and depth that leads to functional skills development: Functional Maths and English, Work Related Learning, PSEMH, Independent Living and Leisure.  A key element of all these programmes of study, and the areas of learning that fit into them, is to  develop the skills and confidence of the learners through, amongst other things, a gradually reducing level of support which ultimately leads to increased levels of independence.  A tracker document is used to monitor and record the student’s progress through college.  The comprehensive programme is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the current cohort of students, or to those who will be joining us.

Mayfield College have chosen to access the ASDAN LifeSkills Challenge as a suitable accreditation programme. These challenges support the learning already in place in college and focus primarily on development of skills to support a student’s ultimate destination. The ASDAN Lifeskills Challenge programme is closely linked to the ASDAN Towards Independence course that is being introduced in school, thus ensuring a smooth transfer of students between school and college and enabling skills to be built on and developed through the transition process.

Areas covered under the various Programmes of Study

Functional Maths and English:

  • Functional money skills
  • Functional time skills
  • Personal data
  • Communication
  • Weekly cooking
  • Developing work skills
  • Work Experience
  • ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges
  • Language groups
  • Household skills
  • Community exploration
  • Travel Training


Work Related Learning:

  • Vocational programme
  • Mini-enterprise
  • Careers
  • Work Experience
  • Event planning
  • Hospitality
  • Horticulture
  • ASDAN Lifeskills Challenges
  • Travel Training



  • Visits from and to external providers
  • Social skills development
  • PSEMH programme
  • Online safety
  • Boys and Girls groups – guidance workshops
  • Counselling support
  • Making choices
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Managing freetime


Independent Living:

  • Travel Training
  • Household skills
  • Weekly cooking
  • Community exploration
  • Shopping
  • Budgeting skills
  • Healthy Living
  • First Aid


  • Community links and exploration
  • Option activities
  • Managing free time
  • Bike maintenance skills
  • Bikeability Cycling proficiency
  • Health and Fitness
  • Making choices







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