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What is the MOVE Programme?

The move programme is an activity based programme which uses a combined knowledge of education, therapy and family to teach children and adults with severe disabilities the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning

  • SIT to eat, participate in activities and education
  • STAND to increase strength, mobility and flexibility, for activities and personal care.
  • WALK to participate in play or complete tasks, with and without support;
  • TRANSITION from bed to chair, or sitting to standing. To help with daily routines.


 Who can benefit from the MOVE programme?

The MOVE programme is offered to all pupils in Mayfield school with physical disabilities and forms an integral part of their daily routine and their learning.

All children will be assessed by Kat Trego who will then work with the class team, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and pupils families to provide 3 targets.

We like to take a holistic approach in Mayfield school.  We believe everyone involved with the pupil should be able to share knowledge and work on pupils targets to help the pupils achieve their goals.

MOVE is a positive approach which focuses on what the pupil can do not what the pupil can’t do. Goals must be functional for example a pupil may have a goal to maintain head control to watch the world around them; To sit on a conventional classroom chair to eat their lunch; To walk to the office to deliver the class register;  To stand and wait for their bus at the window.

The aim of the programme is to acquire and maintain functional skills which can be generalised to be used in their daily lives.





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