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British Values


The Department of Education states that there is a need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs."

At Mayfield School we actively take every opportunity to promote British Values in our school and these underpin everything we do. We recognise the diversity within our school, our community and our society and ensure that our every day school life and our curriculum promotes British Values.

We ensure that these values are positively reinforced regularly in the following ways:

Tolerance of Different Faith and Beliefs through:

  • Every day positive relationships, social interaction and respect of each other.
  • Celebration of different faiths and beliefs including International Day, special assemblies, RE, songs, dances etc.
  • Celebration of cultural differences including exposure to different foods, clothes, ways of life.
  • Visits to places of cultural and religious significance to different groups of people.
  • Opportunities to have open dialogue with families to ensure that home and school values are aligned as closely as possible in the best interests of the child and all those supporting them.

Mutual Respect through:

  • Positive staff, pupil, parent and community interaction
  • Our Code of Conduct for  students, staff and visitors
  • Our Mission statement 
  • Our policies including our Equality Policy
  • Our safe and welcoming school environment
  • Our high quality relationships between staff and pupils and staff and parents.
  • Frequent opportunities to build positive relationships with families through parents forums, knit and natter, family learning and training sessions, Structured Conversations, home school link books.
  • Staff modelling respectful relationships
  • SEAL/ PSHE in the curriculum
  • Climate of unconditional positive regard

Individual Liberty through:

  • School Council including democratic election
  • Encouraging our pupils to develop their ‘voice’
  • Safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Staff and parent training
  • Pupil input into safeguarding issues
  • Pupil comments for reports and reviews
  • Emotional Regulation Support Approach 

The Rule of Law through:

  • School Council
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, boundaries etc.
  • Agreed school/class rules
  • Online safety rules
  • Curriculum focus i.e. People Who Help Us
  • Road safety focus in assemblies, PSHE, Citizenship, Class visits in the community.
  • Good relationships with Local Police providing learning opportunities for pupils.
  • Emotional Regulation Support Approach 

Democracy through:

  • Promoting the rights of the child in assemblies and curriculum time
  • Developing social interaction and communication
  • School Council
  • Citizenship 
  • Democracy events
  • Agreed codes of conduct by students /for students
  • Involvement in Chorley youth council
  • Code of Conduct for staff and visitors

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